The Tragedy Of Unresolved Feelings

As a leader in any organization—be it work, school, church, community/political endeavors, or family life—you’ve experienced the challenges of motivating others to get things done. As a student, employee, or volunteer in a non-commercial organization, you may have felt powerless when you weren’t making the impact you’d hoped to—and you couldn’t quite figure out why.

When left unresolved, these feelings can’t help but intensify into a tangled mass of disappointment, agitation, frustration, anger, blame, and betrayal, as well as other disempowering emotions such as shame, guilt, boredom or apathy. Over time, this leads to a toxic work or home environment where increasing confusion, disillusionment and resentment are expressed through sarcasm one minute, icy silence the next, and, on occasion, outright shouting matches that damage relationships, sometimes irreparably.

Even if your motive is pure profit, there’s no denying this dynamic effects the bottom line at work, costing a fortune in job turnover, ineffective management, lack of teamwork, careless yet expensive mistakes, and, most insidiously, people who simply “retire in place.”

But here’s the real tragedy: It doesn’t have to be this way!

Would you like to know how to effectively motivate others or make a bigger impact?