As Easy As Falling Off A Horse

What if learning to effectively manage, motivate and inspire people were as easy as falling off a horse?

More specifically, what if mastering those crucial leadership skills involved walking beside that horse, learning to dance with that horse, becoming more horse-like over time?

Well, then, you’d be in good company: Because throughout history, the most courageous, innovative, sometimes confoundingly influential leaders—from Alexander the Great, the Buddha and Genghis Khan, to Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth I, George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth II, and Ronald Reagan—were dedicated horsemen and women. And what did they exercise in the company of horses? That crucial “other 90 percent:” all those elusive, nonverbal skills that strengthen leadership presence, poise under pressure, charisma, endurance, and the sheer power to inspire and influence others.

Regardless of policy and agenda, these men and women exhibited exceptional courage, conviction, and clarity of intention with a marked talent for motivating large populations to endure the discomfort and uncertainty involved in creating innovative empires and/or significant social change. In essence, they exhibited high levels of what we now call Emotional and Social Intelligence.

Would you like to know how to manage, motivate and inspire people more effectively?