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Leadership presence is primarily a non-verbal phenomenon, yet where do we go to exercise that ‘other 90 percent?’ History shows that horses are experts at helping people develop the power, focus, balance-in-motion, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and the physical, mental and emotional collection demanded of great leaders.

Washington and Churchill in particular used their hard-won horse sense to de-escalate fear in groups of people facing life-threatening situations, illustrating that confident, accomplished, well-meaning leaders strive to reduce anxiety and boost clear thinking in their followers, encouraging cooperation and creative problem solving. On the other hand, insecure, opportunistic (or simply immature) leaders regularly stir up fear and conflict, often with the conscious intention of short-circuiting independent thought and innovation.

The good news is… unlike IQ, which is determined at birth, EQ can be learned.

Your Opportunity To Learn With The True Masters Of Emotional Intelligence

Linda Kohanov has been working with horses in the area of human development for over 10 years and the insights and tools she has developed over the past four years research writing ‘The Power of the Herd’ have had an accelerated impact on attendees of the internationally-acclaimed workshops on leadership, social intelligence and authentic community building she holds at the Epona Center.

At the center in Arizona, headquarters for an international organization devoted to teaching advanced human development skills through working with horses, these sensitive yet powerful animals have been helping leaders of the future exercise that “Other 90 Percent” with remarkable efficiency. And it is precisely this same nonverbal intelligence that you need to develop if you are serious about finding solutions to your personal challenges. Indeed, it what we as a society need to learn if we are to overcome the challenges of the complex technological world we now live in.

Due to the growing demand for these workshops, Linda has developed a program to accompany ‘The Power of the Herd’ book in order to share a deeper insight into these ground breaking skills.

This book has gone much deeper than I expected. As I was doing the research, I found the information exciting, mind-blowing actually, and I just couldn’t wait to share it with people. The tools, concepts and historical perspectives will be useful at home, school, work, and most definitely in forging a stronger relationship with horses. And for people who have attended my workshops, and/or seminars led by Epona Approved Instructors worldwide, The Power Of The Herd Web Membership offers a deeper look at the research behind the tools and horse-facilitated activities that many have called life changing.

Linda Kohanov

This program is called:

POTH Membership

In this new in-depth program, you will discover how to:

Boost your communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal.

  • Discover why suppressing and expressing emotion are two sides of the same dysfunctional coin (at work, home, school and elsewhere).
  • Practice using your body as a tuner, receiver and amplifier for “reading a room,” and sensing what others are afraid, unwilling, or unable to speak.
  • Understand the productive, time and money-saving messages behind fear, anger, frustration, agitation, disappointment, sadness, grief, and depression.
  • Discover what unconscious emotional dynamic wreaks the most havoc at work, as well as at home, school, church, and most definitely in politics, causing widespread suffering and a significant waste of time, money, and effort. Learn a straightforward approach to emotional strength training that addresses this hidden challenge.
  • Learn how to have productive conversations on difficult topics that lead to greater trust and team work.
  • Recognize verbal and nonverbal manipulation “techniques.” Learn how to eradicate them while teaching people more productive ways of handling the stress, differing opinions, and interpersonal difficulties that lead to these destructive behaviors.

Over the course of my career, I’ve taken on a broad variety of assignments and have had the privilege of working with many wonderful and inspiring people. But it didn’t take long at working with Linda and her horses to realize that I was being exposed to something truly wonderful.

Linda’s work develops a deeper understanding of human emotion and how easily we send social cues that can entirely undermine whatever we are trying to accomplish with other people. Her horses taught me lessons about myself that I hadn’t learned in all my years of training and consulting.

Bob Wall – Author and Independent Management Consultant

Here’s Just A Small Taste Of The Value Of Your Membership

The tools, the knowledge and understanding you will gain from this program will undoubtedly help you enormously in getting to that next level of success. What’s more, these invaluable skills will assist you in every facet of your life, not just in the workplace. In learning to understand people and resolve the interpersonal issues that plague pretty much any group of people you can name, you will become a better leader, a better teacher, a better parent and an all-round better communicator.

And here are some of the incredible, valuable Emotional Intelligence techniques and tools you get in the program you can’t find anywhere else:

  • Learn a simple yet effective four-point method for using emotion as information that allows people to efficiently move through challenges, creating greater clarity, peace, joy and passion for life and work.
  • Gain verbal and non-verbal techniques for Fear Management, helping individuals, teams, and large groups become increasingly calm, centered, and thoughtful in situations that would otherwise breed panic.
  • Explore the history of leadership from an emotional and social intelligence point of view, gaining insight into the hidden attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that changed our world—for better and for worse.
  • Understand why true democracy is not possible without widespread dissemination of key emotional and social intelligence skills. Learn what those skills are, how to practice them, and how to teach them to others.
  • Recognize the benefits of non-predatory forms of power, and why they are crucial to innovation.
  • Understand why leaders must exhibit emotional heroism in the face of challenges, what it looks like, and how to cultivate it.

This is a unique opportunity to be a part of a totally new and exciting event and learn from the true masters of Emotional Intelligence through one of today’s leaders in equine facilitated human development.

Practice with the difficult conversation protocol and fear management skills enhanced my personal insight process. I am especially struck by the power of these teachings to produce optimal “consensual” leadership as the situation demands.

Barbara K. Rector, MA, CEIP-ED – Co-Founder of Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association

When you join The Power Of The Herd Web Membership, you will receive the following:

  • An in-depth recorded ‘Conversation’ on each of the chapters between Linda and host Mark Mottershead. Each conversation explores the thinking and rationale behind the concepts outlined in the chapter and features an interactive section as Linda fields questions from members of the Symposium who helped shape the book during it’s 15 month writing journey. 12 calls in total, each lasting approx. 60 mins (Value $120).
  • An additional recorded call on each of the book’s 12 Guiding Principles, where you get to witness some of the practical applications of the Principles as Linda gets Mark to revisit situations he has faced in his life and business. 12 calls in total, each lasting approx. 45 mins (Value $90).
  • All recordings are also available as download. (Value $48).
  • Edited highlights from The Power Of The Herd Coaching Program (currently closed), which takes membership to the next level with ongoing coaching, discussion calls with Linda as well as an online community. (Value = $40).
  • Discounted access to The Power Of The Herd Coaching Program (when available). (Value = $49).
  • The typeset version of the Emotional Message Chart from Guiding Principle 1, which you can print out and easily store for immediate use in your family, community or business life. (Value = Priceless!).